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Plastic Card Thermal Printers The Eltron/Zebra P310 Printer:

Out of all the card printers we offer, the Eltron P310 plastic card printer offers the best customer satisfaction. The P310 is more dependable than any other card printer on the market today. It prints 144 color cards per hour and 1000 single color cards per hour. You can print a full color card, edge to edge, for 24-29 per card, which includes the cost of the blank plastic cards. A single color card cost 6-7 cents per card. This is the lowest cost per card offered by any other card printers. It offers superior print quality. The Eltron P310 is the easiest card printer to use. Plastic Card ID will give you a 800 PH number for technical support by one of the 2 tech's that wrote the Eltron P310 manual. Plastic Card ID offers some of the lowest prices on the internet for Eltron printers, Eltron ribbons and supplies. For competitive pricing on this P310 or any other photo ID system, fill out the FREE QUOTE form at the bottom of this page.
To see what our Eltron ribbons and supplies cost, Click Here, for the Supplies Page. Lease terms are available for all ID badge systems, photo ID card systems, Eltron ID card printers and other makes of plastic card printers.

The Eltron/Zebra P420 Printer:

The Eltron P420 is the same printer with the same benefits as the Eltron P310, except it has dual sided print capability. It is used for high volume dual sided printing. The P420 prints 102 cards per hour, edge to edge, full color.

Fargo Printers:

Plastic Card ID offers most all models of Fargo Card Printers. This includes Fargo Printer model C-11, which is the lowest priced color plastic card printer sold. Plastic Card ID offers discount prices on Fargo Printers, Fargo ribbons and supplies.

For a quote on this model or other Fargo Printer models, fill out this FREE QUOTE form.

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