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Blank Plastic Cards:

We now offer some of the lowest prices in the world on blank and printed plastic cards. We don't think our blank plastic card prices can be beaten!

Our blank plastic cards are the highest quality ultra graphics plastic card. We guarantee all of out blank plastic cards will print in any plastic card printer. Also, we offer quick delivery time!

These PVC cards can be used to make a plastic gift card, a plastic business card, a plastic ID card, a membership card, a loyalty card, a fund raiser card, school ID card, photo ID card, Photo ID Badge, any ID Badge or ID card.



(Minimum blank card quantity is 3000 cards. Color mixing is OK)

Card Specifications: Blank Ultra Graphics Plastic Cards
Size/Gauge: CR80.030
Finish: Polish/Polish
Minimum Order: 3000 Cards (color mixing is OK to meet minimum)
Core Colors Price Per Thousand
10,000+ $49.95
5,000+ $55.95
3,000+ $59.95
Metallic Gold or Metallic Silver  
10,000+ $59.95
5,000+ $65.95
3,000+ $69.95
Add Ons Price Per Thousand
For Loco 300 Orestad Magnetic Stripe $24.48, (Add to card price)
For Hico 2750 Orestad Magnetic Stripe $65.31, (Add to card price)

(Our plastic card minimum does not apply to those who 
purchase a plastic
card printer).

We ship from California, Nevada, and Virginia to reduce shipping costs on blank card orders.

To order, contact us with the following information: 

Name and Address
Credit Card # and Exp. Date
The address the credit card bill is sent to. 
We will send you back an invoice receipt and approximate delivery time.

Or call anytime 949-951-3023

Please Contact Plastic Card ID
23361 El Toro Rd, Suite # 201, Lake Forest, CA 92630
Phone 949-951-3023 / Fax 949-859-4834
Email: russ@plasticcardid.com

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